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Puerto Rico
Galerian-Anomalies, the Galerians’ fan club is up and running, go, check it out and join us. We are waiting~:heart:
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I don't believe in bedtime stories.

So um, hi everybody~!

I’m passing the word, copy and pasted from NinjaKato's journal entry.

UPDATE: As multiple people are saying THIS IS NOT A BILL (yet) but rather a proposal/inquiry. However, it is still cause for concern and just because it doesn't matter now in the immediate future, the conversation and discussions to come about it via the government (and no I don't mean like Obama's peeps, it's just a blanket term here) and the copyright office could very well make such laws come into fruition in the future. 

The hype over this isn't unwarranted. We've all been spooked before by things like SOPA and other assorted things of that nature. Those were pinned as hoaxes even though they were legit, just not nearly as substantial as people thought.
Although it sounds like some more kind of hokum pokum put out to scare people, this isn't a new set of knives aimed at artists. The same 'Orphaned Works Act' was put before congress 2 times a few years ago and failed/flopped. There's no doubt they're going to attempt the same thing eventually. 

It's better to be safe than sorry in any case and the more you know about legitimate copyright law and your rights as a working artist, the better. 
Don't just assume that because it's not an immediate threat that it's not a threat nonetheless. This is real and it's being discussed. That alone is cause for concern, more so if we formulate a track record with how the US government work these days. 

Reminder: It's not a hoax -- it is real, just not an immediate threat.
I know i make it out to be something of a HURRY HURRY HURRY situation but that is more for the deadline to send in these letters to the copyright office. That does have a deadline before the discussions begin (I assume as I have read) and the seed is planted to review the concepts.

The information I share herein is information I gathered or was told as time progressed. Some of it may be inaccurate or outdated. Read the comments with links or ask for more information as I am sure someone with a far more up-to-date byte of information will answer accordingly. 

I am reading posts and articles myself to try and get real information about this situation and the happenings. I will post more if the situation arises. 
Bear this in mind before reading or watching further.


There is much valuable information in the information section below the video that I suggest people read as well. 


It's a long video, but well worth watching (or listening to) to get to understand what is going to happen and what has been happening in the realm of US laws and artist's rights over the years. 

We're all concerned about how dA is handling the whole issue of copyright infringement and 'art theft' -- However, there's a much bigger problem coming along, and it's coming soon (By July 23rd, 2015!!). 

Copyright law in the US is going to be changed unless YOU, the artists of the nation, open up and write to your copyright office and tell them otherwise! 
Many are calling it the 'Return of the Orphan Works Act' but in reality it's a reform on Copyright law so that is included digital media. Unfortunately the clauses the US Copyright Office are trying to enact are going to cause devastating results in the digital media economy. 
Meaning, if you thought selling your work now is hard, it's about to get a whole lot harder -- People will soon be able to nab your 'personalized pieces for people' and sell copies or produce copies easily with little to no lawful repercussions. 

This isn't a scare tactic and it is NOT FAKE. It's not a hoax and it is a very real issue that is happening right under our noses in the background these days, but because we've been so concerned with dA's bullshit, we are completely ignoring this! 
Please, write to the US Copyright Office! Show your dissent for such changes to the laws. The Copyright Laws should be there to HELP artists, digital and all, not cheat us out of our work and profits! 

No petitions, no tomfoolery, and no amount of whining will change this -- People NEED to write to the Copyright Office! There is no getting around it. Unless enough people write to them, nothing will be done and the bill and laws will reform and be passed and US artists will wind up paying dearly. 
NOW is the time for your voices to be heard! Take the opportunity -- I know it's boring and somewhat ridiculously tedious, but this is no joke, this is your rights on the line. Rights you may not even know you had/have as a working artist. Protect those rights and defend your occupation. 

New Even if this turns out to be just a signal flare in the sky (a big bang but a short lived moment of awe) it's still a good time to demand better rights for artists and their work. The Copyright law is in due need of a reform, that is for sure, more so as there is no actual diction over digital media within it right now. So yes, as of right now dA was right in saying copyright law doesn't technically consider digital art to be real tangible art. 
That needs to change, obviously, and now is a good time to ask for better rules and laws to protect us and our work. 

This is where you can post your letter to the copyright office:…

A link to a Tumblr artist with more information as well…

Here's is another journal with TONS of information to view as well as more insight in the matter -- give it a read!
The Future of Artist's Copyright Is Not At Risk!Updated Foreword: There was some confusion as to the authenticity of this legislation, but Brollonks brought it to my attention that this is indeed real, and provided links to the official government website that back this up. It is not a hoax. However, misunderstandings of the severity and implications of the report have occurred, which we can now clear up for you: No, there is no bill. But, yes there is just a notice of inquiry at the moment.
It will likely not affect us. However it is important to keep an eye on these things.

Again (to reinforce this point) we do not need to be afraid! As Homophones brought to my attention, the "legislation" is actually just a "note of inquiry". That means that it is a hearing where comments and opinions are invited, but no rules have as yet been proposed. There is no bill yet... t

Yes, you are welcome to share this journal with as many people as you can!
Time IS running out... Help get the just and fair copyright reform you deserve out of the US government before they take advantage of your rights.

PS: YOU CAN send a letter even if you are not a US citizen, read this comment for more information --…

NEW: ** For those wondering, yes, this WILL have an effect on people who do not live in the US as art tends to get circulated a lot online these days (even if we don't want it to) via sharing and reposts. Also, things that happen in the US tend to (regrettably) have an effect on countries world wide.

... A few notes...

You are not allowed to use, reproduce, distribute, altered or copy any of my works without a proper consent permission from Me.

• I'm not taking any request unless stated.
• Art Trades are usually between friends.

Those who watch me for Sonic the Hedgehog fan arts, my apologies, but I won't be posting any work related to it anytime soon. I like the little blue ball and his companions but I'm not that much of a loyal fan that will draw a lot of tributes for Sonic and gang.

.::Family & Friends::.

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